Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sorry for My Absence

So, I am sorry to anyone and everyone who reads my blog--- I am sorry I have not written in like a month. I don't really have a good excuse why, as I am not exactly sure of the reason why myself...

Part of it is probably that I have started and been busy with my new nanny job....which is going great by the way. I guess the mere fact that I am now working all day- every day again, means that I am no longer sitting at my computer obsessing over Peace Corps blogs and such all day. And there have actually been some evenings where I get home and do not even turn my computer on!

I think the other thing about working again is that I feel like I'm kind of switched back into normal everyday life again, and somewhat switched out of that "oh my gosh, I'm going to Africa soon" phase. It's not that I am not excited about Zambia or anything, it's just that I was already waiting and getting so close to leaving, and now I still have more waiting to do....I'm just tired of thinking about it is all.

Probably every other day I get asked "So, have you heard anything new/more about your Peace Corps thing?" and I respond "No!" while having to hold back my attitude and frustration.....What new would I have heard?!?!?! There is nothing new....there is nothing more... I am going to Zambia, January 31st...... and that's that.....there is nothing to do but wait.

I don't want people to misunderstand and think I am not excited or that I am rethinking PC or anything. I just feel like I've already gone through all of the excitement and obsession with the first departure....and at this point I just don't really feel like thinking about it as much anymore. It's too much effort. I'd rather just keep on going with daily life for the next couple months.... and I will allow myself to get excited and put in the effort again once I have the plane tickets in my hand...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Biking Plan

As my new nanny job is about to start, and will be taking up all daylight hours of my days for the next few months, I was troubled with the dilemma of how I would fit my bike riding in. Well, I decided to research stationary exercise bikes, and was surprised at how cheap you can get them. So, after looking at a few and reading reviews, I just ordered myself an exercise bike.... so I will be able to sit in front of the TV and bike in the evenings. I'm excited!