Application Timeline

  • 01/20/11 E-Mail w/ additional Staging, Travel, & Training Details
  • 01/10/11 Phone Call w/ Zambia APCD
  • 01/07/11 Introductory E-Mail from Zambia APCD
  • 01/03/11 Staging E-Mail received &Booked Flight with SATO
  • 12/30/10 E-mailed Zambia desk my Diplomas
  • 12/22/10 E-mail From Zambia desk requesting Diplomas
  • 10/23/10 Mailed in VISA paperwork
  • 10/22/10 Nice E-Mail saying "Thank You" for Aspiration Statement & Resume
  • 10/21/10 E-Mailed Aspiration Statement & Resume
  • 10/19/10 pm Accepted Invitation via e-mail
  • 10/19/10 New Invitation Received- (January 31, 2010- Zambia)
  • 10/14/10 New Invitation Packet Mailed
  • 10/13/10 New Placement Officer issues New Invitation for Africa, February 2011, Primary Ed.
  • 10/12/10 Lesotho November 2010 is CANCELED due to a need to reassess Safety/Security
  • 10/04/10 Booked my flight to staging with SATO travel 
  • 10/04/10 Staging Information received by E-mail- (November 1, 2010- Philadelphia)
  • 10/01/10 E-mail saying Revised Resume looks great
  • 09/24/10 E-mailed my Revised Resume
  • 09/20/10 E-mail requesting more details on my Resume
  • 08/30/10 E-mailed Aspiration Statement & PC Resume
  • 08/27/10 Accepted Invitation via e-mail, Mailed in Passport Paperwork
  • 08/26/10 Invitation Packet Received- (November 2, 2010- Lesotho)
  • 08/24/10 Invitation Packet Mailed
  • 08/20/10 Respectfully declined offer of Pacific Islands for October 2010
  • 08/03/10 Medical Clearance
  • 07/27/10 OMS request for additional information regarding allergic reaction to Penicillin
  • 07/26/10 Medical Hold- files under review
  • 06/23/10 Peace Corps received completed Medical Packet
  • 06/16/10 Mailed completed Medical Packet
  • 04/15/10 Dental Clearance
  • 04/01/10 Mailed completed Dental Packet
  • 03/16/10 Nomination Packet Received- Primary Ed/Teacher Trainer- Sub Saharan Africa- November 2010
  • 03/13/10 Medical & Dental Packets received in mail
  • 03/03/10 Legal Clearance
  • 03/03/10 Nominated- according to My Toolkit
  • 02/12/10 Interview with my Recruiter
  • 02/05/10 Mailed Completed Fingerprint Charts & Background Paperwork to Atlanta Office
  • 02/04/10 Spoke on Phone & Scheduled Interview with my Recruiter
  • 01/31/10 E-mailed Skill Addendums, Transcripts, & Teaching Certificate to Atlanta office
  • 01/29/10 Received Fingerprint Charts & Background Check Info in mail
  • 01/26/10 Received E-mail from my Recruiter
  • 01/23/10 Application Submitted Online w/ 3 Completed References, Health Status Review Submitted


  1. I wondered if you would mind telling me about your decision to refuse your first invite to the Pacific. Seems like it isn't common for applicants to do, so I'm curious. How did you refuse and still remain "flexible" in the eyes of PC since that's what they request again and again. Hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm really curious!

  2. Hi Leslie! Let me give you some more detail on that situation: My original nomination was for a SSA November departure. In August, I received an e-mail saying that they had some unexpected openings for early October in the Pacific Islands, and would I be interested and available for that earlier date? They were not actually issuing me an invitation for that, rather they were just inquiring about my possible earlier availability/interest. In the e-mail it also said "If you are not available to depart during this earlier timeframe, your application will remain under consideration for your original nomination." So, I wrote back saying "Thank you for considering me for an earlier departure date for the Pacific Islands. However, after much consideration, I have decided that I would prefer to remain with my original nomination for Sub Saharan Africa and departure date for November." I never heard back from that PO or any other, but was issued my invitation for SSA November 4 days later. I think that due to the fact that they were asking for an earlier timeframe and had not actually issued an invitation yet, it did not look bad of me to turn it down. Hope this helps!

  3. that makes sense! thanks!!! Good luck and travel well!