Thursday, December 30, 2010


I forgot that I changed my PC contact e-mail to my new g-mail account (which I am not used to yet and have not been checking at all)...anyways, there was an e-mail from like 8 days ago from the Zambia desk requesting a copy of my college diplomas. Supposedly, the country of Zambia requires a copy of each person's diploma in order to allow them to volunteer. No big deal, I just gotta scan it in and e-mail it back. And then I need to make sure that I check my g-mail account more regularly from now on!

So, I posted my broken car on far the best offer I have is for $325 (I'm gonna try to get him up to $400) I'll have to call and deal with that tomorrow. Chad is coming into town tonight and we are going to the Outback Bowl- Gators vs. ??? (you can tell how much I keep up on my football lol) on Saturday :-)

I was bored tonight and felt that I needed to reinspire myself about this blog, so I spent some time playing around with my template and backgrounds and stuff. Any opinions? Good? Bad? Try again? lol

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Family, & Broke Down Car

So, Christmas went well... I basically got a bunch of gift cards, money, and a bunch of small things I still needed for Africa. Now, I'll use the gift cards to buy the very last things I need...pretty much just a couple new bras and a pair of tennis shoes....then I'm done! And my family just left, so now I will start the task of pulling my suitcases back out of the closet and packing/re-packing (some of it is still packed from November).

It was a very nice vacation with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew here. I will miss seeing him grow up for the next 2 years :-( Let's see...mostly we spent our time eating, shopping, playing at the park, and watching movies....but it was all fun, just spending time with them.

Now to the bad car broke down today....which, for anyone that knows me, is kind of a common occurrence. I have had many many issues with my car over the years, but this time I think it is the I think I can officially say this is the LAST time it is broken down....because I am leaving in a month and I AM NOT fixing it! So, now I am trying to see what little bit of money I can get for my broken piece of crap car....and also trying to figure out how I will get back and forth to work for the next month :-( Wish me luck!

In Peace Corps Zambia group is steadily growing...we are up to about 22 people now. The date for invites to Zambia has passed, so all people should be invited, now it is just a matter of waiting for any more to find us on Facebook. Also, we should probably be getting our Staging e-mails sometime in the next week & then we will book our flights and get all that good information! It finally feels like I am getting close again :-)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Trees etc.

We bought a Christmas tree today, and put it up and decorated it, all in one clean sweep...probably the quickest Christmas tree fiasco we've ever had. Me and my mom usually put off getting one until it is almost too late, then spend forever trying to pick one out that is good enough and for a cheap enough price...then we dread and procrastinate on actually decorating it. Some years, we've just left it plain and undecorated. Last year, we actually ended up not having a tree at all! But, for whatever reason (I think because we were also helping out our neighbors), our tree finding and decorating was quick and easy and painless this year!

Babysitting is keeping me busy...worked 50 hours this week :-)

Bike riding is going so-so. I need to do it more though!

My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew will be here in like 10 days! It is nice that I get another chance to see them again. When I visited them in LA in September I thought it was going to be the last time I would see them for 2.5 years. But with my first departure canceled, now I get another chance to spend more time with them! :-)

My brother turned 27 yesterday and I joked that he is old. And he made the comment that I will be that old by the time I get back from Africa! Aghh!

There are now 11 of us in my Zambia Facebook Group. There should be a lot more of us...but I don't know where they all are. If you, or anyone you know, has an invite to Zambia for January or February, tell them to join our group!/home.php?sk=group_148215408556589&ap=1

Also, check my link "Other PCV Blogs" on my sidebar---I just added links to some of the people's blogs that will be in my group going to Zambia in Jan.