Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Family, & Broke Down Car

So, Christmas went well... I basically got a bunch of gift cards, money, and a bunch of small things I still needed for Africa. Now, I'll use the gift cards to buy the very last things I need...pretty much just a couple new bras and a pair of tennis shoes....then I'm done! And my family just left, so now I will start the task of pulling my suitcases back out of the closet and packing/re-packing (some of it is still packed from November).

It was a very nice vacation with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew here. I will miss seeing him grow up for the next 2 years :-( Let's see...mostly we spent our time eating, shopping, playing at the park, and watching movies....but it was all fun, just spending time with them.

Now to the bad car broke down today....which, for anyone that knows me, is kind of a common occurrence. I have had many many issues with my car over the years, but this time I think it is the I think I can officially say this is the LAST time it is broken down....because I am leaving in a month and I AM NOT fixing it! So, now I am trying to see what little bit of money I can get for my broken piece of crap car....and also trying to figure out how I will get back and forth to work for the next month :-( Wish me luck!

In Peace Corps Zambia group is steadily growing...we are up to about 22 people now. The date for invites to Zambia has passed, so all people should be invited, now it is just a matter of waiting for any more to find us on Facebook. Also, we should probably be getting our Staging e-mails sometime in the next week & then we will book our flights and get all that good information! It finally feels like I am getting close again :-)

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