About Me

I graduated from the University of Florida with a Master's Degree in Special Education and a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. I grew up in Brandon, FL and previously taught a PreK Autism Spectrum Disorders class. My first Peace Corps invitation was to serve in Lesotho, Africa, as a Primary Education Resource Teacher, scheduled to leave on November 1, 2010. Unfortunately, this program was canceled 3 weeks prior to departure, due to a need for the Peace Corps to reassess safety/security in Lesotho. I was then invited to serve in Zambia, Africa, as a Rural Education Development (RED) volunteer, departing January 31, 2011. 
I currently live in the Southern Province of Zambia. I live in the village and co-teach in the local schools. I also coach the girls' soccer team and work on community projects involving HIV/AIDS and other issues. I carry water on my head and bathe in a bucket each night. I cook on a brazier with charcoal and walk/bike at least 10K a day. I try to speak the Tonga language ;-)

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