Saturday, April 23, 2011

Choma Choma Choma

Swear-in went well! My speech was great- I didn't mess up at all! And I got many compliments from Zambians saying that I spoke like a natural Tonga! lol I'm sure that is far from the truth, but it's nice to get the compliments ;-) I have a video of my speech, but have no idea when I might be able to upload it, as I can barely upload 2 pictures at a time right now, connection is so slow!

After the swear-in we did a little shopping, and in the evening we went out to a Zambian dance club. It was a lot of fun, we all were able to relax and dance....and we all stayed safe :-)

Friday a.m. we drove here to Choma and I got to see my Provincial Peace Corps house for the first time. It is pretty decent, but there is a lot of old junk to sort through, organize, and get rid of. Me and Meredith are going on a cleaning/organizing streak! It is good we are the first and only ones there though, because we have the freedom to start over and make the house our own :-) We just walked into town (about 15 min) right now to get on the internet and do a few errands, then have lunch. Tim, our PCVL (Peace Corps Volunteer Leader) is showing us around. The PCVL lives at the PC Provincial house all year and serve as our leader/resource person in Southern. Tim is our temporary one for about 3 months, until a new one is assigned. Tim has been serving in Zambia for 3 years.

At the Provincial House, there is a kitchen, living room, office, PCVL's room, and 3 bedrooms with a bunch of bunkbeds. We are allowed to come stay at the house 4 nights per month (to be used as relaxation, hang out, or work-related stuff). Usually, all of the volunteers in a province or area will try to plan a weekend each month where they meet up and hang out at the house. Right now there are only 3 of us, but in a couple weeks the 3 LIFE volunteers will join us too. Then in October about 8 more will come to Southern (RAP and CHIP programs). We'll be excited for our province to grow! We have a computer at the house, but no internet yet...but it is supposed to be coming. In the Provincial Capital town of Choma (where the house is) there is a Spar (think small Albertson's or Winn-Dixie) and shops of all shapes, sizes, and kinds (hardware, furniture, groceries, fast food type stuff, clothing, etc.). It is also a main hub for buses running North and South (to Livingston) and the train. Choma is a little over 100K from my district/area. I will probably only travel here once a month (probably by mini bus or hitching). Hitching is a very common and usually cheapest way to travel for volunteers in Zambia. I've done it with others, but not by myself yet. I'm a little scared lol.

Okay, check Facebook for more photos (but my page won't load anymore, so they may be limited :-(


  1. Can't wait to see the video of your speech when you get it uploaded! I have a friend who is a PCV in Zambia and just extended for a 3rd year, sounds like a great place!

  2. I love all of your posts and like our conversations so much more. I am learning so much from your adventure.