Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Flight Delays

We spent last night in a hotel in New York (and had fun!). We had to meet up at 5:45am today to pack the bus, but it was so icy, we were unable to get out and leave until 7:30 or so. Been at JFK airport since 8:00am. Check-in and security went fine for everyone. Been sitting in the gate area playing cards for hours. The plane is here, but for some reason we are still not boarding, but should be any minute now. By now though, it is so delayed that we will definitely be missing our connection in Jo-Burg, South Africa. So, tonight we will be put up in some hotel in South Africa, and will hopefully be out on a flight to Zambia tomorrow, or possibly the next day....

Everyone is great, very nice & friendly, and getting to be good friends already. PC has also done a good job preparing us and providing us with everything we need during this time!

Maybe next time I update, I will be in Africa???

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  1. do you get a stamp in South Africa for your passport since you'll be leaving the airport? i would be excited about that :D