Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm in a numbers kind of mood...

We have finished 6 of 11 weeks of training. We have done 2 of 4 language tests (3 are practice and the 4th is the real thing). I got a 5/5 on the first one and a 4.8 on the second. We have lost 2 of 29 RED trainees, meaning they have decided to early terminate and go back home to the U.S. There are 32 new LIFE (agriculture) trainees that arrived 2 weeks after us. 3 REDs and 3 LIFEs are learning Tonga and will be going to Southern Province. I was sick for the last 4-5 days. I took 1 malaria self test (which was negative J), 2 temperatures, and ultimately 6 pills of Cipro (over 3 days) that knocked out the bug. I won’t tell you how many times I went to the bathroom!

I spent the last 2 days at a workshop with my new supervisor from Southern. I will be living in Nteme (village) in Monze (district) in Southern (province). My host family/neighbor there will be the village headman and his 3 wives, and probably a large # of children. There are 8 schools in my zone- 7 government and 1 community school. They serve Grades 1-9, and there is 1 ESE unit at one of the schools. The schools fall between 2 and 15K from me, with the average being about 7K. My borehole is supposedly 300m from my house. The nearest small town/market is about 15K and about 100K? to my Provincial Capital. I will be expected to co-teach with 1-2 teachers in 1-2 schools each term. There are 3 terms in a school year. We should teach at least 4 days/wk, and do community work on the 5th day---except for the first 3 months, which are called Community Entry, and are reserved for observation and integration into the school and community. I will get 2 vacation days per month at the PC Provincial House in Choma. 
***Keep in mind, I am still in training, so the above information about my new home in Southern is just heresy…I have not actually been there yet. I will be moving there at the end of April.

Other random #’s:
·         I eat 2 lumps of nsima at both lunch and dinner each day
·         I eat 2 pieces of bread and 1 egg each morning
·         I bathe 1 time/day
·         $1.00 = K5,000 (Kwacha)
·         I spend K0-K10,000 a day
·         My bamaama is 51 years old
·         It took 6+ weeks for my first package to arrive

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