Monday, March 21, 2011

Sick Sick Sick

I am sitting in Lusaka HQ right now, instead of at site visit. I'll start from the beginning...So, I first got sick on 3/12 (mainly with bathroom issues), talked to the doctor on 3/14- took a malaria test (negative) and temperature (ok) & was issued 3 days of Cipro (antibiotic) for my stomach issues, by Wednesday 3/16 I finished the meds and I felt better on Thursday 3/17. Friday night 3/18 all of my issues came back. Called the doctor Saturday morning and he said to wait it out, my stomach probably just wasn't totally recovered yet. So, come Sunday morning 3/20 my problems are pretty bad and we are getting ready to leave for site visit. We stop in Lusaka because Larry has to see the doctor for his torn up leg, so I took the opportunity to see the doctor as well. So this time he says "I'm pretty sure it must be Giardia", and then gives me a new prescription for a different antibiotic. He also says that I should stay in Lusaka and not go to site visit. But, for some reason he changed his mind 10 minutes later and said "Yes, you should go to site. I think you will be okay". So, I go to site visit, have a pretty miserable afternoon and a very miserable night/early morning. I was very lucky I had bought a new chamber pot the day before! At about 5:30 this morning I call the doctor again and he is very worried and sends someone immediately to come pick me up. So, I take the 2.5 hr ride back to Lusaka, meet with the doctor, do another malaria test (negative), and a variety of other tests, and finally a set of stool samples & a urine test. Now I am staying at least overnight here in Lusaka, waiting for the results or to get better, whichever comes first. Hopefully I will be able to return to my site for the 2nd part of the visit in a couple days. I am really not feeling very confident in the doctors/medical situation here right now though :-(


  1. Hope all is well soon. We enjoy your postings
    It will sometimes take awhile for your system to get use to new diet. Good luck

    God Bless,

    Fritz & Chandra

  2. Hope your medical issues get sorted out quickly and your body adjusts to its new environment. Bet your Grandmother would know what to do.
    Love your blog.
    Get well soon,
    Patti G.