Saturday, May 21, 2011


  • Went to town to meet Heather (PC LIFE)- showed her around different places in town, went to internet café, got ice cream & lunch, and just sat and talked for a long time- it was good for both of us- she just got posted to her site a few days ago and is having a bit of a rough time- feeling a lot like I was the first week or so (awkward, uncomfortable, isolated, irritable, and not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing)- anyways, it helped her to know that I was/still am going through the same things- it was also good to be able to sit and talk, vent, & joke about everything going on here so far
  • My sister Joy visited last night and stayed very late talking and hanging out- she is a good friend- I will be sad if/when she leaves for school



  • Went to Pentecost Church- showed up at 8:50 (for the 9:00 service)- nobody there- sat and visited with pastor and her husband, had coffee and donuts, read the Bible while they bathed and got ready- church finally started at 10:45. Lol typical Zambia
  • Pastor and her husband are very educated, wealthy, and well traveled- they have good ideas and opinions about development- they will be good people to talk to when I am feeling frustrated with my job, the lack of progress, cultural issues, etc.
  • The pastor is starting a preschool which is supposed to open tomorrow
  • Carried water on my head for the first time today (10L)- not too bad- will see how I feel later & try again tomorrow if my neck/head are not sore
  • I have some ideas for making some shelves/storage for my house/insaka- need to gather some wood/branches


  • Went to school for 6:45am meeting- no one there- first ones to show were the new student teachers- all others were very late- eventually had meeting and classes started at 8:00 (supposed to start at 7:15)
  • Biked 7Km to community school with Deputy Head for community meeting- there was a good turn out, about 48 people- discussing mostly the new building they are going to construct
  • Got home at 14:20- skipped lunch b/c I had tea and sweet potatoes at the meeting- and I needed the extra time to do my laundry!
  • Carried 10L on head again- not sore at all
  • Made some delicious white pasta sauce w/ powdered milk, flour, salt, & garlic parmesan seasoning
  • Some people are having trouble understanding "Community Entry" (the 3 mo. Period of time I am supposed to use for observations, data collection, and integrating into community) & why I am not working full time yet


  • Spent most of the day sitting with all of the administrators of the 8 schools while waiting for a meeting with the DEBS (District Education Board Secretary)- scheduled for 9:00
  • DEBS representative did not arrive until 13:30- meeting then went until 17:00- nobody had any lunch
  • Observed more beating of children (now 5th teacher I've seen)
  • Talked with the community school head teacher some more
  • Talked with PTA chairs of Nteme
  • Watched a bit of afterschool sports after meeting ended (they were playing "Netball" similar to Basketball)
  • Killed mouse #2


  • Spent whole day with male teacher, Grade 5 from 7:15-12:15, Grade 9 History 12:15-12:55- he was a very good teacher, especially with the young ones- active, energetic, good class control, using mostly English for instruction- went to his home for breaktime, he served hot cocoa and sweet potatoes- 2 student teachers also staying at that house
  • Returned to school for afternoon session ready to play sports, but non were going on b/c they are trying to build a storage shelter for the school maize they are about to start harvesting- so I attended the drama club meeting going on & watched them create and act out a skit off the top of their heads- they were very good and talented!


  • Observed at school Gr. 8 & 9, 2 different teachers- got very frustrated with one teaching English lesson & also with the general lateness and slacking going on with many of the teachers- how are these kids supposed to learn like this???
  • The male teacher from yesterday continued to be nice & even came to check on me/get me when he saw me sitting alone waiting for another teacher
  • Taught computer in the afternoon to 5 of the teachers- they want to continue computer lessons and others also want to join in
  • Working like this leaves me with no daylight to accomplish anything! I get ready in the dark in the a.m. and ride to school at just after it gets light, hopefully return home for an hour or so to make/eat lunch, then back to school until 17, Arrive home at 17:30, and still need to fetch water & try to bath before it gets dark (18). Then start fire and cook in the dark


  • Slept in a bit today (6:30), then rode bike 5Km to Special Ed. School- talked and collected some information from the Deputy Head- then observed some Gr. 7 lessons
  • Returned home very early- about 11:00- spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing the house- then had some time to relax in the afternoon


  1. Love your updates. You must be finding your way around, you didn't say much about getting lost.Glad to see you updated your contact info. love and hugs

  2. all three of the spanish speaking countries i've been to also have no regard for time. it is very frustrating coming from our time/appointment driven society. Just think, in 2 yrs you'll come back and not show up on time for things! LOL

  3. Lady!!!
    Stay strong! I am so proud of you!! carrying all that water on your head and not being sore. The chores sound tedious and hard but I'm sure Zambians would laugh at our spoiled american ways. You are like survivor woman. Aw I can just picture your punctual self waiting there for all your appointments. Maybe you can bring something to do while you wait so it's not wasted time? crochet? keep on updating on your life!

    Ps Hang in there!
    I. Can't. Believe. You. Kill. mice.