Friday, August 27, 2010

Things accomplished today....

So, although I was quite excited about receiving my invitation packet last night....I quickly became a little overwhelmed. Did I mention that (according to the shipping label) it is basically 3lbs. of paperwork and literature to be read and filled out? Anyways, to avoid going totally crazy, I skimmed through it all last night, and then allowed myself to do more fun things, such as:
Then, after a good night's sleep, here is what I tackled so far today....
  • Read 13 page Assignment Description Book
  • Read 103 page Online Lesotho Welcome Book
  • Officially accepted my invitation (and certified that I had read the above mentioned literature) by e-mail
  • Completed no-fee passport (special government business type passport- different from normal personal passport) paperwork on computer, printed it out, got passport photos taken at CVS, and mailed it all in to PC office w/ my current personal passport
  • Started reading 47 page "A Few Minor Adjustments" book......


  1. Congratulation! Very exciting! Iam very proud of you. Peace to your Journey Love and Light to your Path. Journey Well! Love You NMP