Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Preparation

Other things I've bought in the past few days in preparation for Lesotho:
- thick tights (girl's sizes b/c they are cheaper :-)
- thick knee socks (from men's section b/c again, they are cheaper)
- thick thigh-high socks (actually had to get these in the women's section lol)
- a set of kitchen knives
- winter coat, 4-in-1, w/ zip out fleece lining....very cool!
- extra USB Flash Drives
- Toshiba Netbook- up to 11 hours of battery life....awesome :-)

Also, my Diva Cup arrived in the mail today....interesting.....

I've also spent time trying on and modeling various clothes for my mother and making tentative piles of which clothes I will bring with me. Fun fun!

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