Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dentist & Doctor- all in one day!

Had my dentist appointment today....and my doctor's appointment! The doctor called me yesterday and said they had a cancellation and could squeeze me in :-)

The dentist visit was kind of long....but free! and included a full cleaning, exam, and x-rays. And I have no cavities or I'm all set to go with that :-)

The doctor visit was also long...he was kind of annoyed with all the paperwork and all the lab tests he needed to order. I got a tetanus booster and my Tuberculin test applied. I have to go back on Friday to have the Tuberculin test results read and to do the blood tests for all the other stuff. He also didn't do/check off the part of the exam regarding the anus and rectum.....did everyone's doctor actually examine that or just check it off??? I'm going to ask him about it on Friday.

I'm amazed this is all going so quick. Looks like I'll be waiting the longest for the specialist reports from UF :-(


  1. I read a post on a facebook group where one girl's medical stuff got sent back to her, *solely* because the anus/rectum was left blank. so, yes, you NEED to get him to check it off! my doctor just checked it off without looking at it, haha.

  2. Glad it is all getting done so quickly.