Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moving Right Along...

I went back to the doctor on Friday to get the PPD results checked and also to get the blood tests done. Oh, and he ended up doing that not so fun #13 on the physical. It actually wasn't all that bad though :-)

So, all that I have to wait on now is the results of the lab tests (should be by Wednesday of this week) and the specialist reports from UF (those might prove to be kinda tricky and more time-consuming). And I need to find time to go down to the Health Department to get a Polio booster.

I'm trying to not totally get my hopes up, because it is so way early in the process....but from what I can tell, Lesotho is the only SSA country with a Primary Ed program and a departure date in November.... and Lesotho happens to be the first country I told my recruiter that I was interested in.....

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  1. that's so awesome that it was ur first pick and they have that program ;)