Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bike Riding

So....in Zambia it is possible that on any given day I may have to ride a bicycle up to 40km (24miles) to visit a school, volunteer, main road, etc. In order to prepare, PC suggests you get very comfortable with biking beforehand.

I started my bike training yesterday... I rode an 8 mile loop at a medium pace (I figured I shouldn't race b/c I most likely won't be able to go very fast on the dirt paths in Zambia). It ended up taking me 50 minutes. So, at that pace (8 miles/50 minutes)....it would take me about 2 hr. 30 min. to ride 24 miles!

So, today I biked the 8 mile loop again, but tried to speed it up a little bit...I finished in 44 minutes. So, 8 miles/44 minutes.....that would be about 2 hr. 15 min. to do 24 miles. Making progress, but that's still quite a long ride....

I figure I will just keep doing the 8 miles for a while till I get good and fast at it, and then I will gradually increase the distance and such until I make it up to that goal of 24 miles!

In other news, I interviewed for a babysitting/nanny job last night. Hoping that it went well so that I have a job for the next few months :-)

Also, I've been working on making my Halloween costume... Xena Warrior Princess!

P.S. I would have been leaving (to Lesotho) in 5 days! Crazy!


  1. My nomination would require me to ride a bike, too ("3-5 miles a day") so I've been trying to sub bike riding for driving recently. I've had a hard time judging time and distance though so it hasn't been going as well... maybe I should start what you're doing and making it something intentional and separate from other things.

  2. Yeay I am so excited for you and about Zambia! And bike riding is so awesome,I hope I get to go somewhere and ride a bike... glad things are shaping up for you! :)