Monday, October 4, 2010

Vacations All Around

I haven't really updated much in the past month, as I was waiting for my staging info. and I was pretty much busy vacationing all around :-)

I went to Louisiana and spent 11 days with my sister and her family. I had lots of fun hanging out with her and all her boys! We got to spend a couple days at a lakehouse, take Nehemiah (my nephew) to a VeggieTales concert, go to a ULM football game, redecorate her house, and just spend time with all her boys (she works as a houseparent at a children's home... kinda similar to foster care). Thanks Stephanie and Joseph for having me there!

After I got back from LA, me and my mom went on a weekend beach trip with our neighbors, Greg and Michele, and one other couple. We had an awesome little 3 bedroom condo thing rented on the water. Got to spend 3 days laying on the beach and at the pool, went on a couple short boat rides, saw a dolphin up close, saw a just-hatched baby sea turtle, played cards, and had lots of time to practice my Sesotho! It was a great trip!

This Wednesday, I am going to head up to Gainesville for the last time & visit with Chad, Wendy, Aiden/Kirk, Amy, Mrs. Coffey's class, and whoever else I can get together with. I plan on this being my last vacation/trip....then I will spend my final 3 weeks at home preparing for Lesotho!

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