Monday, June 14, 2010


I kind of just realized, as I was sitting here watching TV, that I am 24 years old now. LOL my birthday was on Friday, but I guess my weekend was busy, so I didn't really think about it much until right now. It sounds so old. It seemed so unreal too, when my mom reminded me that when I get back from my service in the Peace Corps I will be almost 27. I kind of thought I would be married and have kids by now. But, looks like that won't be happening anytime soon...

It is nice to be done with school. And as much as I know there is a big possibility that summer school will be horrible, I kind of feel excited and invigorated by the thought of it right now. It is like a second chance. It's like starting a whole new school year, and I am having fun being creative and coming up with ideas about how I am going to do things differently. Hopefully, at least some of it will be successful and work out ;-)

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