Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nine Hills

So...I haven't posted in more than a month...obviously that means nothing new has happened as far as PC goes :-(

Basically, I am waiting until June 15th to get my 2nd Varicella shot...then I will finally be able to send in my completed medical packet. I'm really hoping that I won't need to do any additional medical stuff after that point, b/c by the time they review the packet and let me know, my health insurance will have already ended.

So, what has happened this month? I'm totally tired of school, and can't wait for it to be over. I think I've had like 10 IEP meetings in the past 3 weeks. I'm also starting to wonder what I was thinking when I signed up to teach summer school lol... I'm busy packing my classroom into 3 piles (one to stay at school, one for summer school, and one of personal things to go home). Also starting to think about packing up my apartment and getting ready for that move. My car has died in the middle of the road 5 times...been towed 4 times...blown at least 10 fuses...gotten a new relay modulator...and STILL DOESN'T WORK!!! Meanwhile I've been driving my brother's car....which also conveniently didn't start this morning. I've been trying to go to Gainesville for a month, and still haven't been able to make it up there :-(

One thing I have enjoyed, at least this past week, is reading my new book from the library, "Nine Hills to Nambonkaha" by Sarah Erdman... it is a memoir written by a PCV in a health program in Cote d'Ivoire. I am loving it and have been reading it nonstop! I also picked up two other PC books..."Power Lines" by Jason Carter, and "Dear Exile" by Hilary Liftin & Kate Montgomery. I haven't started them yet though ;-) Anyone know any other really good PC books I should look into?

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  1. Happy birthday to us!! ...soon... anyway, good luck finishing up the packet! It was a great feeling putting it in the mail, but now it kind of sucks just waiting. I'd rather wait than have to do more medical, though! Let's keep our fingers crossed :)