Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aghhh....Sigh of Relief

Woohooo! Peace Corps has officially received my medical packet! So glad it made it there safe! Took exactly 7 days from when I mailed it :-) Now I just have to wait and see when they start reviewing it. Should be pretty soon I would think, since it took me so long to complete it and send it in (and they seem to be done with a lot of Aug. & Sep. people already). I'm getting excited!!!

First week of summer school complete....5 more weeks to go! We've been very lucky so far to not have all of our kids show is so nice to have a manageable size class (I know a luxury I most definitely will not have in Africa lol). I also cannot even begin to explain how nice it is to have early release days every day all summer...I wish it was like this during the school year!

Leaving tonight to go to Gainesville for a long weekend :-)

P.S. I just noticed on my has been exactly 5 months since I submitted my online application.

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