Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out of My Hands

So, "it" is now "out of my hands". I just put my completed medical packet in the mailbox. It is kind of a terrifying thing to do...this packet that I've held on to for 3 months, brought with me to at least 10 doctor's appointments, stressed and cried over, spent at least $200 of my own money & all of my benefit allowance from my health insurance plan...and finally it is all done. Now, the more terrifying thoughts occur...what if it gets lost in the mail & they never receive it? what if it gets damaged in the mail? what if I forgot a sheet or a shot or a signature? what if they come back and say there is something wrong with me? what if they want me to do some additional tests or paperwork? Ughhh! Too much to worry about!

I guess I just need to be positive and hope that:
1) I hear from them sometime within the next week confirming they received the packet in the mail
2) They review my packet, find it to be complete & okay, and grant me medical clearance

Well, it is good to know at least that it is "out of my hands" now, and that I have done my part to complete the next step. It is nice to not have to worry about going to anymore appointments, waiting on specialist paperwork, paying for more shots, etc. Now, like I keep telling all of my friends and family, it is really just a waiting game.

P.S. I think I might have stolen this title from someone else's recent post. I was trying to think of a title and this is what came to mind, but I vaguely remember reading it recently when someone else finally sent off their medical packet. Anyways, it's a good title, so thank you to whoever it is that I am stealing it from lol :-)

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