Friday, January 14, 2011

1st Weigh-In

So, I put my 2 checked bags on my neighbor's scale tonight....keep in mind that I just packed what I had/needed/wanted with no idea of the weight of things while packing, and at this point I have everything in there except for my underwear....also keep in mind that my 2 bags combined cannot exceed a weight of 80 lbs (and not one of the bags can be more than 50 lbs by itself) anyways, the results of my first baggage weigh in are....

Rolling Duffel: 38.7 lbs.
Rolling Suitcase: 41.7 lbs.
= total of 80.4 lbs.

I'd say that is pretty darn good for the first weigh in! I can't believe I got it so close on the first try! I was getting pretty scared that they were too heavy as I was rolling them over to my neighbor's house. I have to admit, it was kinda difficult to roll both of them behind me...which PC makes it clear you better be able to carry/roll all of your own luggage around!!! But anyways, I am pretty happy that I will only have to do a minimal amount of shuffling items around and see what I might take out of the suitcase so I can fit my underwear in :-)


  1. Question for you... Are you checking the two bags you talked about, and in addition carrying on something? Does the 80 lbs limit only apply to the checked bags?

  2. yes, these 2 bags equaling 80 lbs will be checked...then in addition I will bring an internal frame hiking pack as my carry-on (I think the weight limit for the carry-on is somewhere around 20-25 lbs, but they usually don't weigh it anyways). But yes, the 80lbs. limit only applies to the checked bags.

  3. Good for you, Jessica! I am terrified to weigh my stuff. I'm pretty sure I will have to send some stuff to myself after I arrive...