Thursday, January 20, 2011

Packing List

So, I added a tab at the top of my page for my packing list, or you can click here It is pretty thorough, but still a work in progress. Enjoy!

I just got an e-mail with lots more information about Staging, Travel, or first few days in country, and the 3 months of Training. I will try to put some of the info. up here later. They stressed the fact that we will not have e-mail/online access very much during training, and to encourage our family and friends to send us letters because that will be our main means of communication! Most volunteers will also buy a phone during training, but it is very uncertain when/where there will actually be phone service.

I'm heading to Gainesville this weekend for my last visit. Then I'll be finishing up my last couple days of work next week, and then finishing up my packing! 11 days left!

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