Monday, January 10, 2011

So....not really a big deal...

I got my phone call from the APCD in Zambia right away this morning....totally not as big of a deal as I was thinking. I must have been one of the first people she called, as I think she was starting at around 8:30am, and I got my call around 9:00am. Anyways, she didn't really have much to say, nor did she have much to ask. Basically, she just asked if I had any questions. Luckily I had prepared a few questions beforehand... so she answered those and that was basically it. So here is some of the new info. I found out:

There are 29 people in my Education group leaving on January 31st. I will be assigned a language and a host family/house towards the end of the first week, after returning from the first site visit (to an existing PCV's house). We will be biking a lot from the very start of with a host family, then biking possibly to a separate village for language group, then biking to another possible village for education/job training. There are limited possibilities for working with Early Childhood Centers/Schools and almost no chance of working with any kind of Special Education programs (although she will keep her eyes and ears open for anything of that sort). And finally, from reading my resume, she expects me to have more to share and contribute to our training group because I have had prior teaching experience where others in my group have not.

Other than that, she just said to make sure I bring: a tent, sleeping bag, and headlamp. Check!


  1. How exciting!! What kind of tent are you getting?? That's what I'm trying to figure out right now, as I have been told to get one as well. Can't wait to hear more, neighbor!!

  2. I wish I has prepared more for the conversation... they called me as I was just getting off break and my boss was giving me the stink eye the whole time so it was very rushed.

  3. They called me while it was circle time at my daycare and my lead teacher was giving me the stink eye the whole time so I felt like I couldn't ask a lot of questions ...thanks for asking for us though!!!

  4. lol hahaha, well I told her right from the start "I'm carrying a baby around in my arms right now, so don't get upset if he starts screaming his head off"...and I was totally shocked that he didn't :-) Overall, the conversation was a little awkward, but okay :-)
    Renee, I have an old tent from hiking the Appalachian Trail 6 yrs. ago...I'm not home right now, so I'm not even sure what brand it is...all I know is that it is small, light, and still in good theme with packing is to not spend too much money lol ;-)