Sunday, January 9, 2011

Contact from APCD & PTS....and more packing...

I got an e-mail from my APCD (Associate Peace Corps Director) and PTS (Program Training Specialist) (both in Zambia) on Friday. They wanted to introduce themselves and let us know that they are currently reading through our resumes and aspiration statements to try to get to know each of us a little. They also said that they will be calling each of us for a 5-10 min. conversation one of the mornings this week. Also included in the e-mail was a letter from a current volunteer trainer and a suggested reading list (of which I already went out and picked up 3 of the books at the library).

I am making progress with packing, although I only have the weekends to work on it, because I am living at my nannying house during the week b/c of the no car situation. But, last weekend I packed all of my gear type things, and have my rolling duffel bag filled up (although I have no idea what it weighs yet!). This weekend I worked on the clothes. I went through and tried on each thing to make sure I really wanted to bring it or not. Then I started packing the clothes into plastic ziploc/space bags. These will then pack into my large rolling suitcase. By next weekend if I have both bags pretty much ready, I am going to bring them to Publix to weigh them....and then, based on the weight, who knows how much I'll need to change or weed out! lol. At this point my carry on bag is empty. I think I am going to pack my shoes in it b/c they are bulky/heavy. And then I will leave the rest of the room open for whatever doesn't fit into my checked bags.

I am making a packing list as I pack...I know that's kinda backwards lol. But, I am more just trying to keep track of what I have packed and how much of each thing I have packed. I am not going to post my list yet, because I wouldn't want to risk anyone criticizing it at this point....I feel like I might have too many clothes & other miscellaneous things packed at this point. So anyways, I will post my list when I am totally done and satisfied with it :-)

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